VERTIQUE envisions becoming a proudly Indonesian brand of biodegradable bath products free from excessive chemicals and petrochemical derivatives. Our plant-based products give a cleansing yet nourishing wash while remaining gentle on all skin types.

We believe that sustainability is the way of the future and future change begins with the little things in life. This is why VERTIQUE committed to bringing our customers the ecologically conscious products for your everyday living.

How We Help Vertique

For this project, TwisCode work together with Julia Te, who were in charge of Art Direction and Design Concept and Brigitta Monique, who were responsible for the Product Styling and Photography and last but not least the owner, Michella Monique to create an e-commerce platform for a biodegradable bath products. 

We help their passion for green and sustainable living to reach more people and be more credible at the same time.